Spring Cleaning

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Top Toxins Ingested by Pets

  • Drugs meant for humans (prescription or over the counter)
  • Pesticides (poisons meant to kill bugs, rodents and weeds)
  • Foods
  • Biological hazards (plants)Veterinary drugs (drugs given twice by different family members)
  • Cleaning productsMetals (zinc, lead, mercury)
  • Cosmetics and personal-care items
  • Chemical hazards (acids, bases, alcohols, gases)
  • General household hazards (batteries, silica gel, ice melters, matches, air fresheners)

As the Weather Warms Up and the Snow Melts Dangers can be Uncovered

  • Compost or moldy leaves should be removed immediate, as ingestion can cause serious illness
  • Rodenticides, slug bate and moth balls should be kept out of a pets’ reach or not kept in and around the house where animals reside
  • Stagnant water in backyard ponds should be promptly emptied or pets kept away from drinking the water

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