What is Wellness Testing?

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Wellness Testing for the Life of Your Pet

When you pet goes in for his/her yearly physical your veterinarian may want to take some blood and urine to send to the lab.

Who Should Receive Wellness Testing?

Young and Adult Pets

  • To give baseline results that your veterinarian can use later for faster, more accurate diagnosis and treatment

Senior Pets

  • To monitor organ function
  • Check response to medications
  • Early detection of disease (before symptoms appear)

Animals About to Undergo Anesthesia

  • Provides important information that makes anesthesia safer

When diseases are detected early medications can be prescribed to help slow the progress of disease, giving your pet a better quality of life.

Types of Testing
1. Blood Chemistry: Gives an inside look at your pet’s vital organs, like liver and kidney, to determine if they are functioning properly

2. Hematology: Gives an inside looks at the blood cells

  • Examine the Red Blood Cells (carry oxygen throughout the body)
  • Examine White Blood Cells (body’s primary infection fighters)
  • Examine Platelets (help blood clot)

3. Urinalysis: Urine testing checks the function of the kidneys and urinary tract

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