• Oct 10 2014

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    Laboratory Services

    We process most of our laboratory samples in hospital.  Our skilled technicians will collect a blood sample from your pet and complete a CBC (complete blood count) and chemistry.  A…

  • Jun 14 2014

    Levi – A Most Unusual Cat

    Levi is 4 year-old cat who was born with a congenital leg deformity. He does not have properly formed knee joints on either hind leg and he is missing bones…

  • Jun 14 2014

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    What is Wellness Testing?

    Wellness Testing for the Life of Your Pet When you pet goes in for his/her yearly physical your veterinarian may want to take some blood and urine to send to…

  • Sep 09 2013

    Making a Difference in Our Community

    The Animal Emergency Clinic of Durham Region has proudly collaborated with Durham College UOIT in providing training for their Veterinary Assistant Certificate Program in Animal Behaviour, Handling and Restraint. We…

  • Apr 01 2013

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    Poison-Proofing Your Home

    Poison Proof Your Home Protect your pet by taking the following room-by-room precautions. Living Room Check out your plants—both inside and outside your home. Lilies (Lilium and Hemerocallis sp.) can…

  • Jan 01 2013

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    Winter Tips

    Helpful Winter Tips for Your Dog: With temperatures dipping, your dog will need a little special attention to stay warm, happy, healthy and safe this winter. If your dog goes…

  • Jun 03 2012

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    Why It’s Important to Spay Your Pet

    Importance For Dogs to Be Spayed at 6 Months Benefits Faster recovery due to age and usually healthy Reduced risk of mammary cancer if spayed before first heat Anesthesia reaction…

  • Jun 01 2012

    Spring Cleaning

    Top Toxins Ingested by Pets Drugs meant for humans (prescription or over the counter) Pesticides (poisons meant to kill bugs, rodents and weeds) Foods Biological hazards (plants)Veterinary drugs (drugs given…


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